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I want hereby to start an official campaign to bring Ohrwurm into English. Shouldn't be too difficult. Just start telling your friends "Crap, that new Danii Minogue single is such an earworm." When they ask you what an earworm is, tell them, and urge them to start using it in their normal conversation.

Allyn J Radford

How about:

4) Change the name

As I understand it (from a nation that does not participate in this *sport*), normal cheerleading is what happens to the side of mainstream sport (we do that) but competitive cheerleading is an activity on its own that does not happen to the side of anything else. It is the main game. There is not doubt that the training in gymnastics and choreography and the competitive execution of both is just as demanding as any other gymnastics or dancesport. I think the name is the problem. Why not call it Group Choreographed Gymnastics or something like that. It would seem a more accurate description of a demanding sport.

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