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I see this a lot in a nearby school district. They have a "gifted" program. I am against these programs, because all kids are gifted and this just inflates some kids and deflates others. However, if you want to be in the gifted program you need to be gifted in math and language skills. If you are gifted in music or art, you are not considered gifted. If you are gifted in problem solving, you are not gifted (and yet this is a big skill needed in the 21st Century Knowledge economy.) If you are a gifted debater, you are not gifted.

My friend is distraught because her one kid is in the program, and they won't put her other kid in it. The other kid is much more creative, but that's not something they consider a "gift," I guess.

As an adult, the things that I believe have lead to my success were things that got me trouble in school. That's why I'd never make a good factory worker.

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