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From a generational perspective, here's how I see it.

1. Being born into the Information Age, Gen Y is accustomed to quick responses. They never had to get up to change the dial to the TV, dial the rotary phone because mom and dad didn't want to pay the extra $2 a month for the push buttons, or even wait for a TV dinner to be cooked in the oven (as opposed to the microwave). It's not surpising that they would think that change is coming too slow.

2. Obama, although technically a Boomer, is very Gen X in his leadership style. Some experts do say he's the first Gen X president. Author Jeff Gordinier talks about Gen X being quiet leaders ( I think this is one reason Obama's accomplishments in the short term are not registering with a lot people.

3. I also believe that since Boomers and Xers have been through this before (think about the Clinton administration - what the economy was like prior to his taking office compared to what it was like at the end - but it took more than 18 months) we're a little more likely to give the process some more time.

So I'm going to go with half full.

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