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id scanner

I find this decision very correct and believe that this approach will soon be more common in other businesses and services all over the world.

I don't want to exaggerate, but I believe that real soon all of our money and personal information will be on one card, secure by high quality technologies.
Then we'll not have to go anymore with a million money paper and coins and of course dozens of unessential cards.

Everything will be automated and organized and sure will save time, money and headaches!

Julia King Tamang

Yes, I agree with Deb that all plastic and cash are nearly history. Phones will be the norm--and the good news is, you can wipe a phone from afar if you loose it...assuming, of course, that you set that up BEFORE you loose it. Then real cash might be old skool and valuable. :) Ha!

Terry Newman

I went to one doctor's office and they no longer took debit or credit (too expensive). Went to a different doctor's office and they no longer take checks. Local gas station still has a lower rate for cash only. Some places are asking for a minimum purchase with plastic but its against the law to require a mimimum purchase with a credit card. who can keep up?

Deb Burdick-Hinton

I think credit and debit cards are also on their way out. Folks willl just use a bar code scanner built into their smart phone device. that will be all we will need to carry. You can use smart phone apps to buy movie tickets online and in some theaters they just scan the barcode that is displayed on your screen. Amazing stuff. I guess it is really important that you make sure to secure your smart phone device. The amount of info stored on it is a bit scare.


I think that's the trend. Debit cards are easier to use - and people tend to spend more using them and that's what retailers want.

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