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America (meaning the "USA") is NOT making progress, certainly NOT in providing universal health care coverage (like industrialized nations in Europe and Asia provide) and also NOT in expanding its public transportation options. In rural states, e.g. in the Northwest, car transportation is still the only viable option. America is also falling behind in education, and state budget cuts to higher education will only make the problem worse. I'd say America is going to the dogs...


The only way the train wins the battle between trains and cars is if it hits a car. Seriously the cost of car ownership is expensive on a per mile basis but the overall convenience of owning a car or access to one has a huge value to if "time is money". What it comes down to is a comparison between cost, convenience, and timelyness. A simple example: If we had a passenger train between Chattanooga and Atlanta. I would have to find a way to the local station, pay to park and then pay the fare to Atlanta. Since I would need to get home, I would buy a round trip tik. Estimated cost $100 to $150 (hopefully roundtrip). If I drove it the cost would be at $0.50/mile about $125 which is a wash. Assuming I wanted to go to a baseball game (Go Braves!) If it was just me it is probably a deal. I don't have to worry about driving home late at night; assuming that there is a late train. Now if I want to take my family assume there are 2 adults and 2 children - transportation cost by train would now be about $300 for the 2 adults and assume half fare for the kids another $150 for the two. Now we have $450 vs the auto cost of about $125. The economics of family travel by train just went out the window. With the savings we could stay in a decent hotel, and visit some other attractions and come home at our convenience. There is a place for intermodal train travel but it has to be economical .

Gemi Powell

I don’t know about the Health care bill being passed is actually progress. It sounds like more and higher taxes and more government control. Is that progress? Sounds to me like taking the power and control away from the people would be considered regression not progress.

As for the trains vs autos, it may be working in some densely populated areas across the country but there are no trains coming in my area. Without a vehicle you cannot get anywhere unless of course you have a horse. If you ride a horse to work it will probably be stolen by the time you get off work and you will have to walk home. My kids are not necessarily interested in driving but they are not going fewer places they just ask me to take them or find a ride. Someone is still driving. Trains would be nice in this area. It is a good distance to get anywhere.


It's interesting where you see great progress. In Charlotte, NC a big growth area is in dog day care. In fact there is a service near the airport where you can take your dog to stay while you're out of town. They will let you park at their place free of charge and provide transportation to the airport.

I also hear the RV business is picking up 10-15%. They claim to be about 6 months in front of any economic change. The auto repair business is starting to boom.

watch phone

hurray for america!..

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