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Maybe it is because their parents dont have the time. parents dont seem to have much time for their kids anymore.


Great article. I had no idea about this info until I read this.

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percent of all miles driven in the United States. “The percent driven by this group has declined rather dramatically

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Lisa Alloju

i think what causes these is that road and highways are so much congested already that makes driving a waste of time.

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strange! I see on the street cars now more than 10 years ago.

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"Gen Y" just have no money to buy cars now... economical crisis.

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Young people driving crazy sometimes and if young persons will be driving less - more safety for them.

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Richard is right. I agree with that, that it cost and taxes are factors of this area.

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sounds more like a good news to least kids wont get too involved in car accidents anymore...and the idea of bikes is really cool

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The polls speak for themselves! I personally always believed that young people were those who drove more than adults!

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Thank you for this interesting info, although is quite understandable of course, those young people have less money for cars and less time, if they have one, because of a lot of work hours, studying and trips abroad.

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Becky Stoughton

In Texas, teens have to have Driver Ed in order to get their license (32 hrs classroom/14 hrs in car). We offer Driver Ed through our District and what we see is simply that they don't have time to take the class after school or in the summer. It is no longer part of the daily curriculum and with extracurricular activities some teens simply cannot fit it in... so many have just waited until 18. Our state legislature has put an end to that and now individuals between 18-25 have to take a 6-7 hr course. Just another opportunity for us, I guess!


Sorry for the error. I should have said Daily Market not Daily News. The link is:

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Maybe it's also because of the crisis. Gas is more expensive now and unnecessary costs too much.. Cars to trains? Hmm

Lisa Dael

I live in an area of the country where this trend is not exactly true. Teens are riding bikes more because of the expense of the car, but as they get to an age where they need to have a job, they are relying on a car. We live in a rural area which is not served well by public transportation and the only trains coming through carry freight. If we didn't have cars in SE Ohio, we couldn't go anywhere. Our nearest shopping (WalMart) is 15 minutes away by car. If we wish to visit a mall our closest one is 45 minutes away so a car is a must. I would love to know what Nine Shift predicts for such areas. We would love high speed rail that we could take to Columbus, but there are no plans to conect to our region anytime soon. We are stil isolated.

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sounds more like a good news to least kids wont get too involved in car accidents anymore...and the idea of bikes is really cool


Why has no one put it together that the auto industry used to rely on those high school graduates getting a car! now they want a bike.


There are reasons for youth to be driving less; economics meaning the cost of cars, insurance, and fuel plus that age group is now a smaller percentage of populattion, etc. From the Daily News website: "the aging baby boomer population and their proximity to retirement age is increasing by nearly 5% annually while the number of young drivers in the 16 to 29 year age bracket is increasing at the slowest pace since the mid-1990s. Statistics show that many in the 16 to 29 year age bracket are postponing procuring their drivers licenses. U.S. data confirms that only 46% of the 16-to-19 year old teenage population has a driver’s license. This represents a sharp fall-off from over the past twenty years, when 64% of the 16 to 19 year old population had a driver’s license. Furthermore, only 72% of the population under 30 years of age in the United States currently has a license, compared with nearly 84% in 1998, and roughly 90% when their parents were the same age. This trend is comparable in Canada. In Ontario, which accounts for nearly 40% of the Canadian population, only 75% of the eligible driving age population between 16 and 29 years of age has a license." There are also a lot of cars on the road and driving is more challenging than it was years ago.

Gemi Powell

My oldest son didn’t get his license until he was almost 18 and my younger son is almost 19 and still doesn’t have his. My daughters however both got their licenses shortly after they turned 16.

We do not have transportation alternative in our area so the kids do a lot of carpooling and catching a ride from friends. I do not see the decline of driving around here. Many teens in our area have very expensive vehicles, Lexus, BMW etc. and it is a statement for them to have those cars in the high school parking lot. I have noticed that more girls start driving at 16 than guys.

Terry Newman

My kids are driving less and its partially do to the high cost of operating a vehicle. Not driving is not always an option if you live in a small town and you have to drive 60 miles to the nearest K-Mart. Incidentally, both my daughters got their license the same day that they were able to go to the DMV and take their test. My son didn't drive for 4 years after he reached driving age.

Suzanne Kart

Before I forget, I witnessed two Nine Shifty things yesterday. The first was a big ad/poster at Ohare airport for high speed rail touting the environment as a primary benefit. The second was I heard a commercial on the radio on my way home from the airport (in MICHIGAN!) pitching trains as a better way to transport stuff. The ad wasn’t for passenger trains but the basic gist is that it takes a lot less energy to ship your products via rail than truck. Thought you’d like that.

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