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Account Deleted

That’s really a bad news for the workers, the reason for this big change is that there are lot of other major companies coming up with very good and top quality outboards which are available at a competitive price.

Stephen Downes

Ah - looks like I was right. This is _after_ they agree to the concessions...

Stephen Downes

If I were voting in that vote... I would be thinking, I'm going to be laid off by this company in 2-3 years no matter what they're paying me.

Companies that want to retain their work force don't cut wages 40 percent. What they're doing is lowering their current costs & making it easier to lay them off shortly.

I'd vote 'no' as well.

Kevin Czmowski

According to the Journal Sentinel, the union eventually agreed to the giveback to save their jobs ( -- check out the articles from September 8th, 11th and 12th.)


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