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BP Shell Exxon is not agree with perspective of electric car )

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The first type is an all-electric car, and these are the type of cars that are completely powered by huge batteries, and once their batteries are drained, they simply can not move any further. Nissan’s leaf is an all-electric.


Basically there are two types of Electric Cars available in market: first being all-Electric Cars and the second being plug-in hybrids.

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If lithium supplies will be diminished after a decade, then what will happen next? What will be the use of electric cars if this will happen? I hope with the help of our technology, we can somehow resolve this issue.


Bolivia or bust!

There is less of a shortage of lithium and more of a shortage of other rare earth materials for EVs.

I think there's always going to be problems with any new technology. But aren't electric cars inherently better than cars powered by gasoline? Inherently better, pollution-wise? That is, if we get the electricity from cleaner sources, and we do more as a nation to trim our energy use through efficiency measures. I'd rather have trains that run on the sun, myself. I think transportation technology is improving and these shortages or near shortages are bumps in the road. We're on the way to using less polluting sources for transportation, and that's a good thing. Now all we need to do is get a handle on sprawl, bring back walkable neighborhoods and get the car companies to let us have more trains and public transit. :_)

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