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I'd say everyone I know who went to college has the nightmare that it's final exam time and you forgot to go to class all semester.

When I've taught college classes as an adjunct prof, my students were always blown away when I told them I don't think you learn well when you're freaking out. Therefore, you don't have to stress when I give you a hard assignment (I was big on making them do strategic plans), because if you screw it up, I will flip it back to you to fix (and tell you what you need to do to fix it). Who learns from an "E"? You learn from fixing what you got wrong.

By the way, one of my students evaluation of me said, "she's tough, but she's fair." I always thought I was "easy" because I let my students have second chances (which my cohort never had as undergrads) - but that would be my bias from own academic experience, I guess.

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