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I think there is nothing wrong with giving more attention to those who are really good - but the NEGATIVITIES come in when you fail to maintain the balance between giving ENOUGH attention to those who deserves more - such as the "slower" students, I'd say.


Exactly, very well said! This is what is really outlandish to some extent - those who are already good at school get the more attention!

Tim in San Antonio

Yep, Suzanne gets it. The Gifted and Talented group often receive such bullying; Paul's experience with his teacher in the 1920s is just one example. But being mean to kids is not a teacher problem. It's societal, because in so many domains, society winks at verbal and physical abuse of the least powerful among us, children and adults alike.


I think it's because a lot of teachers have a "right way" "wrong way" approach to teaching. Therefore if you do not think, write, analyze, whatever, the "right way" then you must be doing it the "wrong way."

I ran into this a lot in elementary school, because, I think, my thought process is a little unusual - or maybe not mainstream. I do realize now, by the time I was in 5th or 6th grade I could "fake it" that my brain worked like everyone elses.

I don't have any learning disabilities, etc. I'm just creative.

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