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Julie Coates

So, call yourself anything you like. The definition of a Baby Boomer is someone who was born (in the US) between 1946 snd 1964. The dates vary slightly in other countries. Canada's boom began about 5 years later than the US boom, for example.

A generation is considered to be a span of about 20 years in contemporary times. Those born at the end of the baby boom are still boomers, but they are trailing edge boomers. Everyone in a generation is not identical. There are many subgroups or segments.

One of the behaviors attributed to the boomer personality is the desire. . .even the NEED to stand out from the crowd. Come on Jonesers. Pick your own, unique name.This makes you different from every other "generation." You will really stand out from the crowd. It's the boomer way.

You can't secede from your generation because you don't like it. Psychographically the trailing edge boomers, (Gen Jones) are very different from the leading edge boomers, but demographically, defined by birth rate over a span of time, those born 1946-1964 are boomers all.

Stephen Downes

People who were born in the late 50s - early 60s are not Boomers. Please do not refer to us as Boomers. The last of the Boomers will turn 65 in 10 years, not 20.

People who are today around 50 are part of the Jones Generation, and are very different from boomers.

Kay Leonard

Happy Birthday Julie! I'll follow you in November. Aloha Bill! :)

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