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Kassia Dellabough

High Speed rail in Oregon would be great - however, it is a bit of a catch 22 as when we run rail into rural areas then development follows - turning our quiet remote lifestyle into a more urban setting.
However, if we had high speed rail up the I-5 corridor the westcoast would be transformed - hopefully less smog...


If this theory of only connecting the major metro areas was in force for telephone, internet services, cable, and most everything else, what would the rest of the people do. Just think how many tons of concrete, electric wire, etc we would have saved if all roads and services stopped at the metro city limits. The idea of working passenger trains is great, the cost is prohibitive due to land cost. Additionally unless heavily subsidized tickets will also be more than the average person could regularly afford.

Lisa Dael

I hope the prophecies are wrong. I like in a rural area and probably drive a lot more than most metropolitan drivers because things are so spread out.

I would love to see hi-speed rail lines that connect more isolated areas to metropolitan areas. I currently live 2 hours outside Columbus and 4.5 hours from Cleveland. It would be great to pick up hi-speed rail to one of those places rather than having to drive there.

Connecting to rural areas would benefit everyone. People could live farther away from the city, but still work and play there and we would help the environment by having even fewer cars on the road. I can beleiev there will be 200 mile wide cities with such a scenario.

Stephen Downes

Only if the trains connect to local trains. Cities are huge; once you've arrived at the central station you might still have a long trip ahead of you if you don't have an efficient metro rail system. Which most U.S. cities don't.

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