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As an under 30 person who rides the bus to work (I do own a car, but it is a small, fuel efficient vehicle used for big trips to the grocery store and longer distance trips), I am also excited about the dying motor vehicle industry. Less choices will force those who haven't seen the light into the "right choice" (in my humble opinion) and will also cause smaller cities like mine to make some MUCH NEEDED IMPROVEMENTS to public transit.

Dave Ferguson

Does "nobody under 30" include all the strivers in India and China who would (and will) give their left arm and their grandmother to have a car?

Though time for change is compressing, I think there's still a big Hebrews-in-the-wilderness factor: we'll spend a metaphorical 40 years in the desert, with various institutions and practices scrambling to survive, before reaching the point where the auto industry declines in impact to that of the kitchen-utensil industry.

I'd also understood that, 100 years after Lawrence, industry still existed in Britain. Not the dark satanic mills of Women in Love, necessarily, but surely not everyone in the UK earns his living as a social media consultant?

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