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CL Shaw

Yes, we use notes, books, photocopies and the Internet in the real world, but it is up to us to take responsibility and ensure the validity of the information before we utilize it.

I agree with Suzanne as well about memorizing not necessarily being applied learning. The challenge, however, is that both student and teacher have to take responsibility -- darn there's that word again!

Harold Jarche

In the real world they let you use notes, books, photocopies and the INTERNET.


I lost at least two faculty positions by telling the hiring committees that as an adjunct professor I gave students the choice of accepting an "E" or redoing the assignment, because I believed that they "E" didn't teach them anything, but redoing the assignment would. I also let students use notes on exams - not books or photo copies, but notes. My reason? In the real world, they let you use notes.

I'm glad there are educators out there who realize that memorizing and learning are not necessarily the same thing.

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