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light rail and mixed-use development to make urban areas more dense AND livable is a good plan - then to reach out to rural areas or people needing car access we consider interesting programs like the - a subscription car service - you reserve a car in your area for use, pick-up, use, drop-off - they take care of maintenance and upkeep! you use it only when you need it!

Dr. Rick Wetherill

No doubt that train cars are needed, but these days few passenger trains run through rural America. So we're going to need engines as well. In the urban areas, the length of the train platform can dictate how much of a train can fit, so just adding a bunch of new cars is problematic unless you put on new engines, crews and schedules.

Harold Jarche

In 1942 the Big 3 re-tooled from automobiles to armaments; at an even faster pace than Roosevelt had demanded. Yes, they can.

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