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I played with Barbies as a kid. I'm not driving around in pink Corvette as an adult.

Acai Berry

naturally... girls should play with guns and boys with dolls... but if we look at our world today... even women are becoming a better soldiers, police and more that deals with guns... so ti thinks they should be given the privilege to play with what ever they love



I have two daughters. One loves dolls. One never did. I think if your daughter likes dolls, let her play with them.

I played with Barbies as a kid. I'm not driving around in pink Corvette as an adult. I also played Charlies Angels with my friends (and have yet to turn into a crime-fighting sex symbol). Kids like to try out rolls during play - and that's what they're supposed to.

By the way, if you ask my daughter who plays with dolls what she wants to be when she grows up, she'll tell you "a mom." If you ask her why, she'll tell you, "because I want to the boss."

Stephen Downes

Boys shouldn't be playing with guns.

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