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Mark Hunter

This is one of the best books anyone has given me in literally years. This reminds of the "Megatrends" by John Nesbitt written back in the late 1980s, but better...more thoroughly researched, at least to me.

I like the way that I can zoom in an area of interest. For example, the 4th Shift...Trains replace Cars. I hope, really hope, this plays out. I know that when I visit the SDPBS I use the Tri-Rail as much as possible ($6.75 r.t. from WPB to Boca station with no hassles and I can work on board). As the authors rightfully pointed out, passenger service (even light rail) is up against several powerful unions to say nothing of automotive. Plus we're lazy. I don't mind taking a shuttle to the Tri-Rail station and then going to a bank or community high school, but I'm in the minority. Until gas hits near $5.00/gal. I don't think we'll see it. However, I'm optimistic about the new "SunRail" running southwest to northeast (about 60 miles) in the metro Orlando market.

Oh, see page 153. Check out the stats on driving a car. That made me step up. "Every two miles the average driver makes four hundred observations, forty decisions and one mistake. Every 500 miles a near miss." What?! Moreover, the avg. speed of a car in this country dropping to 11 mph after netting out traffic jams, lights, etc. (page 150). What?!

A great book. A chapter per week for me.

Many thank yous, Mark

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