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Good one! GED is an ideal opportunity for millions of people of different ages to get their diplomas. Better late than never!

College Research Paper

I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.

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Education Blog

GED is an ideal opportunity for millions of people of different ages to get their diplomas. Better late than never!
You can take Ged preparation courses either online or in a classroom. It’s excellent for people who tend to be busy and doesn’t exert pressure and stress during the process of studying.


I'm not sure on this one. I went to a Big-10 school for undergrad, but a commuter school with lower entrance requirements for graduate school (I went there because it is the college near where I live.) My best friend went to another Big-10 school and attended the same grad program. We talk all the time about how many people in our grad classes didn't seem to get the same kind of education in undergrad as we did (they lacked a lot of the skills & knowledge we got in undergrad).

I guess what I am saying is that if someone pass exams for all the classes it takes to earn a degree without taking the classes, more power to them. Let them. I wouldn't have been able to do it, but I'm sure there are kids out there who can.

Even though I may have struggled in classes that were not related to my major, I'm glad I took them. Not everything you learn in school will be your cup of tea, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't have a taste.


This is a hot topic for me as I resented having to "wait" to learn things I was interested until I had taken two years of undergrad/general studies (taught by instructors I knew as much as or more than).

Knowing I simply couldn't be "dumbed down" without completely disengaging, I tried desperately to make my own degree, shape my own learning.

Needless to say, it didn't work too well (ten plus years) until I found an academic adviser who let me pick the classes I wanted to take regardless of the need for pre-requisite fulfillment.

He said, "I figure you wouldn't take a class you didn't think you could pass, so go ahead and pick what interests you." I chose 300 and 400 level classes and felt more at "home" than I had in years despite the fact that I had no 100-200 level courses to ensure my success.

The A's I received were like confirmation to me and vindication to the years I spent trying to defend my distaste of jumping through academic hoops that served no purpose.

Add an instructor/savior who helped me see that the reason I had struggled w/ the intro. classes was because I was a smart, rapid-fire processing person (something no one had ever told me before, leaving me to think the way my mind worked was always MY problem-a wink to JKT)to the willingness of my adviser and the understanding of adult learners my university embraced and for the first time, I had success in college.

It was so wonderful to be engaged and given the respect ALL inquiring minds should be given that, even now, while trying to finish up the last few credits at a community college and looking for grad schools that offer what I want to learn, I realize that my time at the university was NOT the norm.

All that to say, what I would have given-and would still give-if I were simply allowed to pass or fail on my own merits, without the need for testing, grades and pre-requisites blocking my every path! How wonderful to simply be allowed, encouraged even, to follow my interests and curiosity instead of being forced to follow an "educational plan" created to make me "well rounded".

Bah! Bring on the GED, please and thank you!

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