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Jane MacKillop

I agree that the impact of the youth vote on electing Obama was huge. Also his use of technology to keep everyone involved, committed and informed was innovative and effective.


Telecommuting, trains and declining suburbs were the top stories I attended to in 2008.


I agree - the youth vote and electing Obama - that is the top story for me - what does it mean 100 years ago?


Telecommuting to become 'mainstay of corporate America' and Gen Y turns out to vote and makes a difference are top stories.
In general anything that has to do with Gen Y is a top story. They are becoming the driving force in our Country. They are the ones that not only made a difference in the popular vote but they will be the ones that push for telecommuting etc.


My top story: Gen Y turns out to vote and makes a difference. This goes beyond the stunning election of voting a 'Person of Color' into the White House. I've been looking for opportunities to bring more tech to the classrooms. This election year helps my cause. Yes! The Gen Y student will pay attention if you give them something they can *relate* to! What a wonderful difference from the last decade or so where so many of the students have been selfish and resentful 'older children' rather than adults attending college to delve into unexplored territory. If the trend of thoughfulness and caring continues to build, I look forward to the intelligent adults who will care for the world and the people living here.

michael arbow

Tough to chose just one story. They all are significant but I believe the one with the greatest impact on innumerable levels is: Suburbs start to go into decline.

The death of the burbs will bring about everything from more farmland (in Canada we have lost some of the best to urban sprawl) to smaller (electric) cars to more effecient transportation systems generally, lower crime rates, fewer building material demands. The world (at least the North American world)will have to learn to shrink - this will be gut wretching to many firms and cause tremendous downsizing (no pun intended). The environmental effects will push us to Kyoto protocol limits and the savings on our time will up our standards and quality of life (thus reduce medical needs).

The other nine are excellent but this one has a more direct effect on all of us.

Michael Arbow
Capital Market Specialist

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