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William Draves

"Theresa," we welcome all comments here, but it would have been better if you had used a real email address. We don't have a record of a Theresa Lyons either, so not sure that is your real name either.

Theresa Lyons

With all due respect, I would be embarassed to recommend Nineshift to Mr. Krugman. Nineshift samples topics thoughtlessly and in a disjointed fashion. No thought is given nor is a case made for the underlying causes.

Indeed, the Nineshift writing is highly simplistic and betrays a writer who is parroting rather than understanding.

Instead, I highly encourage Nineshift to spend more time reading Mr. Krugman and other leading writers on current events.

I plan to write Mr. Krugman to apologize for the Nineshift recommendations.


Thanks! to the first 9 people to write a letter to Paul Krugman: Robert Hartt, Richard P. Widdicombe, Kassia Dellabough, David Reilly, Bob Podgorski, Leanne Stewart, Cyndi Pardee, Jackie Riebel and Terry Newman.

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