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Howdy are using Wordpress for your site platform? I'm new to the blog world but I'm trying to get started and set up my own. Do you need any coding expertise to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated!

William Draves

Latest news:
An Egyptian mathematics teacher is due to go on trial accused of beating an 11-year-old pupil to death because he did not do his homework.

Gemi Powell

Maybe there is more to life than doing things the way they have always been done. Maybe there is the possibility of success outside “box” or outside commonly accepted definition of a student. Maybe there is more than one way to teach or measure responsibility.

If something isn’t working in its current form, why in the world would anyone be opposed to making changes, trying something new, or trying a different way? Hey Erik Maybe spelling isn’t the key to life and maybe just maybe the way things have always been done isn’t the only correct, appropriate, or successful means or standard by which to educate.


The first question that came to mind is what about the lesson on responsibility? I agree that just reciting or producing papers or assignments by rote or cut and paste does not indicate learning. Not meeting and making deadlines indicates a lack of responsible behavior. What if this lack of timeliness transfers to their work? How do you think LERN customers would like it if you hired someone that did not make deadlines and they then kept your customers waiting? It would be a formula for business failure. Sorry but in the real world some things have to be done on time; if the worker is not wasting his employees time they are wasting the customers time.


It iz abowt time peepal wer graded onlee on thair nolej. I for won am glad that peepal juj me on my nolej and not on meye abilitee to spel. After all, spelin, like bein lait with asinements, iznt important. Huray for modurn educashun!

Greg Marsello

Recently one Ms. Melinda Foley-Marsello brought home a Resource Handbook by Barbara Swanson Sanders of the Bureau of Education & Research for a Bringing Boys and Books Together, Practical Activities and New Strategies that Motivate Boys to Read (Grades 3-8) workshop. Ms. Foley-Marsello urged me to turn to page 42 and guess what…Professors Draves and Coates are included reporting on Smart boys, bad grades in a report titled Tips for Teachers – For Helping Boys Learn.

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