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Bob Podgorski

Move too slow...move too fast... It is less a question of speed, it is more a question of direction against a solid and impactful vision. Obama must set the course - a vision beyond and above the speed bumps of today. Similar to the space program onset, we need a national initiative that people can get behind, participate in and work toward. At the same time we need to create jobs - good paying jobs. Infrustructure as funded by Federal dollars, allocated through States in contracts over next six months (Roads, bridges, ports, rail systems, communications networks, Emergency Management, water [distribution/purification/ desalination], waste treatment, etc.) to domestic private sector contractors who will do the hiring to support the work - not another WPA! A guaranteed three year initiatives. This will get things moving in the job arena - Followed of course by income driving home, hard goods and retail markets. He must also drive down interest rates - a new paradime for credit risk evaluation perhaps.
One of his first decision will be the Auto industry bailout - yea or na. He is beholding to the Unions for his Presidency which will make the decision either way difficult. A bailout can not assure long term viability and competitiveness under current automotive structures - both management and union - change needs to happen and rapidly - not a bandaid but major surgery. Lets see what BHO is made of - will he move centerist, stay to the social intervention and control left or move toward capitalistic free-market dictates right? A delemma indeed, but so much is resting on the decisions - US short term, long term economic and human viability.


we will be swept forward and much like Alvin Toffler/Third Wave - either you are in or out and technology will be th ekey. My question is will we be able to be inclusive to make sure everyone has access to the technology? What happed 100 years ago? were people left on the farm? :)

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