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Have you seen this? Fits with your train concept/prediction.


It's true that autos face a challenging future. The chances that we are going to have readily avaiable, economically provided rail travel without it being heavily subsidized by federal, state and local govenment is remote as best and probably not reality.

Rails in Japan, often heraled as the best in the world, (having riden on them many times, they are pretty darn good), the intercity lines such as the (sp) Shinhansen are owned and operated by the national rail system and lose money year after year. the intra city rails are often owned by the large department stores and connect their various stores. The Blue line might for instance be owned by the Wal-Mart equivalent and connect all of their stores. The Orange line by HomeDepot and connect their stored. At major stations where more than 2 or three lines come together your might find 4 or more major department stores at the surface intersection. These lines are owned and opearated by the department stores and provide their customers a way to get from one store to another.

Again it shounds great but you also ahve to keep in mind that Japan hasa a land mass about the size of California and about half the population of the USA. In Europe in about a 5 hours depending upon which way you are traveling you can hit 3 to 6 countries..some about the same size or smaller in area than most of our states. the point I am tring to make is that it is good idea but will be extremely expensive to build (10s of Millions per mile) and expensive ($50 -100 for a oneway ticket from Atlanta to Chattanooga,a distance of 100 miles) for the average person to ride on or use.


I am finding most of my friends are reporting that their kids are NOT getting their license right away and don't want the expense or burden of a car.

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