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Bob Podgorski

Independent study in the classroom - I am picking up on what seems like a trend in classroom WIFI use. Time for independent (laptop) study associated with the class material. Breaks in the curriculum to do a short independent study associated with the subject and then regathering to share insights. (instructor facilitated) Anyone else seeing this learning tool being used? "Student Learn Share" may be another name for it.

Don Mincher

I just got back from the LERN Conference. WOW!!! Great Conference, and another amazing Nine Shift presentation. New hats, adult beverages, and dancing! Most importantly I would like to thank Mr. Draves for finally stepping up to the plate and including Nine Shift Sports! His ability to intertwine ALL aspects of day-to-day life is very much appreciated. My cap is tipped to Mr. Draves!


or, just for fun....what if we are "reversing roles" and women stop looking to men for the "smarts"...instead for the emotional and domestic support?

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