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I am a student and do not enjoy homework. It contributes about 4- even 5 hours of stress that I don't need. It has not helped me. I do all my math homeworks and pay attention and study but still fail pop quizzes. Also, I have begun to realize that I am hating the classes with the most homework more and more. If I did not do the homework (rare might I add) I am embarrassed and it lowers my self-esteem! I don't need this! Home is were the heart is; homework doesn't need to be there too.


I have to pipe in here. I have a 2nd grader who now has homework. She is expected to read two books each night (they are usually 30-60 pages) and a couple days out of the week she will have written homework.

My daughter is extremely bright, however, she is 7 years old. This "homework" is not teaching her discipline, it's only making me make sure she gets her homework done. I don't think she'd remember to eat if I didn't call her for dinner, let alone do homework. I wonder about the 7-year-olds out there whose parents are not as ontop of the homework assignments as we are.

My daughter is a good student. However, after being in school all day, she needs to decompress. She's a little girl. I hate that there is all this pressure on little kids today. And all it does is cause stress - not learning.

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