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Gemi Powell

I agree that boys who turn their work in late do show up for work on time and get their jobs done in a timely fashion. I would like to add that they also struggle, from what I have seen, to conform to the authority. It could be part of the entitlement attitude of the generation, but the same old grind is just not working. It is pain staking and miserable for them to conform to the daily routine. They want a way to make the money, maintain the lifestyle and function on their terms, with their priorities and in their time. It is a battle I am sure they will eventually win but for now...

Terry Newman

There are definitely some places where arriving on time is critical. But beyond responsibility, I think that respect is even more important. I've often told my kids that being on time is a matter of respect for those who are teaching, leading, etc as well as your fellow participants. To me respect is what we are lacking.

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