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My coworker told me he's watching so much this election. A Québec man, moved to Ontario. He votes for Hilary, his wife votes for Obama.

I don't really undesrstand that. Could you advise? Thanks.


Interesting point! I wholeheartedly agree that the younger generations don't see or feel the sexism inequalities that the boomer generations feel/felt. There may still be a glass ceiling, but as time passes, it will mean the ceiling dissipating. As values change, so does structure.

Harold Jarche

Yes, I see gender being less of an issue with the younger generations. Perhaps, Obama is supported by young voters because he's the only one who seems to understand the Internet economy. But then, I'm Canadian and what the heck do I know?


I am convinced that sexism still thrives and is evidenced in both hard data and underlying bias. The glass ceiling still exists for professional women in many arenas and salary differentials speak volumes. I am a professional woman of color and I have experienced far more sexism than racism in my life. Interestingly enough, I have noticed that people are far less likely to voice sexism than racism, but they both come through in behavior and actions -- just like many of the "other isms" arising from our human differences. I don't believe the consciousness is fully there for many to fully recognize their biases. I give voice to these thoughts with a growing desire to strengthen dialogue and understanding about the differences that should enlarge us and not divide us.

Terry Newman

I still believe there is inequity between the genders. Though not applicable in public organizations (colleges, government), there are still too many women out there making a lot less than men for doing the same work. We can't stop this fight yet until there is equity.


In terms of Gender roles, I think the historic turning point was the passage of Title IX in 1972 which guaranteed equal educational opportunities for boys and girls. That broke down the gender roles. Girls could take woodshop and boys could taking sewing.

What we're seeing now is a whole generation of adults in their 30s and 40s who never thought only men could be doctors and only women could be nurses.

In my group of friends (I'm 36), I know women who decided to stay home with the kids, men who did, women who worked part time, women who work full time, men who make more money than their wives, women who make more money than their husbands - and it's all acceptable. I think it's all a natural progression of Title IX.

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