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Dave Siravo

While I am all for green technology and alternative energy sources, I am concerned about strictly using the current florescent bulbs. The gaseous materials in these fixtures are mercury based. What is the disposal plans for these items when they burn-out? Have the industries developing these new technologies put forth the efforts required to handle the waste that will stem from their use? I think that before we start forcing various technology usages nationally, we need to study all circumstances that will/may evolve from them. We faced the same consequences twenty or so years ago when the fast food (and other) industry went to styrafome containers which we later found to be harmful to the ozone layer not to mention the extremely slow decomposition of these products. Just some food for thought. Perhaps we should research all facets of technological change prior to making such decisions. As a side note, I have replaced 95% of the lighting in my home with energy efficient fixtures.


From start to finish are the fluorescent type bulbs better:
an incandesent bulb delivers the same amount of light over it's entire life span. It only emits less light when it burns out signaling the end of it's life. It can be easily recycled as it is only glass and some metal. It is also safe to put into the trash can. The fluorescent bulb does require less energy. Typically about 13 watts instead of 55/60 watts. It does cost 4 to 8 times more however it is typically advertised as lasting between 6 and 8,000 hours. What we are not being told is that everytime you turn it on and off the next time you turn it on there is less avaiable light. Long before you reach the 6,000 or 8,000 hour mark your 13 watt bulb will be putting out about 7-8 watts of flourescent light. In otherwords the lighting is now equivalent to about a 30 watt incandescent bulb. Do you replace it then or wait until it burns out entirely. Disposal of the flourescent bulb required more precautions than the incandescent because it contains MERCURY!!!!a hazardous material. So overall is the decrease in opeating enegery consumption worth the price. By the way it also consumes more energy to fabricate the flourescent bulbs. Summary: from start to finish they cost more and are probably not as environmetally friendly especially when you consider the MERCURY!!!!

Richard Widdicombe

Regarding energy light bulbs, I am not terribly fond of the new coiled fluorescent type. One would hope that the LED technology will move more quickly so that lights can be easily dimmable. Also, tubular lights for illuminating pictures are needed too.
Color warmth is an issue. Certainly the new bluish headlights on some automobiles hurts a lot of people's eyes. In other words, we need some more technical improvements before the switch to energy efficiency can be broad and effective.

Pat Sims

May I receive the Nine Shift Special Report for 2008. Please add me to other Special Reports from Nine Shift.

Excellent book by the way. I am in the Employment Screening industry and have been doing extensive research on future trends and forecasts to 2020 and beyond. Everything I have read and researched says exactly what book says, with some slight variables of course.

My research indicators have been so strong that I have ordered the company start designing and moving to an Intranet and being a Virtual company by year end.

Take Care
Pat Sims

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