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Les Vierra

OOPS! Make that Samuel L. Clemens--you know, ol Mark Two (Whatever).

Les Vierra

S. Clements said it best, "Lies, damned lies, and statistics." Take a hard look at the job ads. Where are the big attractions? Finance and management seem to dominate the top end--where college grads appear to be attracted. (And, unfortunately, law.) Guess who hires skilled people?
Let's not become alarmists about foreigners coming in--that's how all of us got here in the first place! Accept and accomodate--that must be the direction to go. This type of media exchange (internet) seems to have whelmed into a Chicken Little response. College stats, unfortunately, are sequential. Compilation of entering students is counted only as long as they persist. Drop outs and "drop-ins" who may take many years to complete a degree are almost catagorically dismissed. Many keep collecting credits/ knowledge/skills without degrees. Then there are those "life experience" folks who end up as managers who hire the "skilled" others--foreigners, etc.
I'd suggest you set up a group (brain trust--stink farm, whatever) of some of the bright people you've interacted with to review Nine Shift "discoveries" before history bears out your predictions. I think your book is right on in matching the century-cycle to cycle simularities. (Check out the latest Futures magazine articles on the fall and decline of America.) As Trader Joe says, "Thanks for listening."

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