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Carmen Hartzell

I am a professional development coordinator for a Career Tech School in
Ohio. Two years ago, I led a Nine Shift book club on campus with
teachers, currently our administrators are reading Nine Shift. We are implementing Blackboard and piloting in Second Life...I'd like to think we are moving forward...

I would love to attend the Annual Conference in Orlanda, but I have two small children at home and a husband that farms and we are in the full swing of other words I am needed there. With a book written all around the topic of no longer having to physically meet to participate...why can't I be a part of the conference, namely Saturday's General Session, via teleconference...? Is it possible? I would definitely be interested in Draves' session, but I don't want to spend the entire conference, including travel time, away from my family.


Carmen L Hartzell
Professional Development Coordinator
Miami Valley Career Technology Center
6800 Hoke Road
Clayton, OH 45315

Les Vierra

How abour a ratio of of women (over 18) to men (over 18) as the appropiate "equity" mix?

Stephen Joyce

think the content of your book is wonderful - would like to let you know that I write a short blog entry quoting from your book.

keep up the great work -- hope we cross paths again

Steve Joyce

PS: Visit our new blog:

Stephen J Joyce
Author of the best seller : 'Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work'

Stephen Joyce

I had suspected for a long time that women were slowing and quietly taking over the world - now we have some proof. My life-partner belongs to what I consider the strongest lobby group for the female cause - I call it the 'LSW' - League of Scary Women - in their mid 40's and 50's these women can achieve amazing things and once they connect up with the younger generation of women coming through (through mentorship and so forth) there will be no stopping them. And I think this is a good thing - more of the feminine energy in the world, in my opinion, will be a better thing. Ladies...after you.

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