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Stephen Harlow

I've just been reading a fascinating article in the Melbourne Age called The end is nigh. Be positive. Towards the end of the article I read:

FUTURISTS have noted the human susceptibility to apocalyptic ideas, especially at times of rapid change, and the need for utopian ideals.

I immediately thought of the nine shift. Was this susceptibility to apocalyptic thinking and utopian ideals something you noticed in your study of the transition period between 1900 and 1920?

The author goes on to state "Both of these [apocalyptic ideas and utopian ideals] are found in stories." Can you think of any stories of the time that express these themes?

Hope you enjoy the article (and keep up the thought provoking blogging--I especially enjoyed your thoughts on the current global financial instability).

Article link:

Stephen Harlow

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