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John Carney

I am not personally worried as I never borrow what I can't afford to pay back but I am worried for those homeowners who borrowed what they qualified for and not what they could afford.

As an example, I have a friend who was having serious problems making a $500 a month rent payment on an apartment so she went out and bought a 3-bedroom home for $900 a month because that is what the bank told her she could afford.

These are the individuals I feel sorry for.

Jenny Bell

All I can say is thank goodness I didn't do a ARM when I recently bought my first home. We had consider interest-only or ARM loans when we were shopping, but in hindsight my parents were right (again!) we went 30-year fixed so we will keep our house.

Christina Kelley

Thanks to your suggestion on page 70. I donated a computer to one of my 9
low income students in my EvCC Customized Job Skills Training Course this
morning. The class had a brainstorming session to determine how I should
make the decision and then secretly voted to determine which of the 4
students in need would receive the computer so they could also be part of
the giving. Just thought I'd let you know that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Great

Life is good,
Christina Kelley, Everett Community College
Customized Job Skills Trainer

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