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radio gnome

I'm a broadcaster. I have a tiny, tiny little station which I don't even try to make any money with. I just do it for fun.

The whole royalty thing, IMO, could not be any more complicated. Multiple organizations working at cross-purposes from each other to get whatever slice of whatever pie which exists that they feel is "right".

Prior to starting my station five years, I thought I had gotten to the point where I didn't really need to buy any more CDs. I was happy enough with the several thousand I had. Since then, I've almost doubled my collection, 95% of what I've bought since then I would never have even thought about buying were it not for running the station.

2000 CDs at $15 a pop (pretty conservative because I buy a fair number of imports and multi-disc compilations) is $30,000 the recording industry would never have gotten from me otherwise.

Paying $40 to $60 a month in royalties is something I can do in the name of having a hobby. $300 to $1000 (or more) a month would be ridiculous, and I think there are far more broadcasters like me than there are channels on Yahoo or Pandora or Live365 or any of the other "big guys", and places like Live365 actually comprise thousands of little guys like me.

CD sales are slumping, so of course it makes sense to tax the heck out of the only people still buying CDs today. The old arrangement made pretty much sense to me, 10%-15% percent of station revenue or a nominal flat fee for folks like me who do nothing but support the recording industry and spend far more on it than we receive in donations.

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