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Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

Dana Wohlwend

My 16 year old son could care less about driving. We live in a community with very little public transportation. He is just as happy to sit home rather than go out. Or, he'll ride his bike to school and work. He sees it as costing money - gas, insurance. He asked us to take him off the insurance and he wouldn't drive at all. I think it's the mentality of the younger generation to have it done for them. Only a few of his friends drive as well.


My 16 year old can't wait to drive. It was the carrot that I used this past schoolyear - he had to make good grades to be allowed to take driver's education. After several years of poor school performance, he made the best grades ever (A's,B's). I am holding true on my promise. However, I will say that if other parents are like me, they may not be pushing their kids to drive - I'm nervous about it (the risks associated with young drivers), not to mention the cost of insurance!


My 16 year old son has a permit however isn't interested in getting his license nor in driving. According to him it's way too much of a hassle. Gas money, where to park, worries about break downs is much easier to get around on mass transit(and we live in Miami where mass transit leaves a lot to be desired!). He and many of his friends manage to get everywhere via bus, metro, bike and/or skateboard.


Here in Bay City, MI, we're seeing the same thing as far as drivers licenses go. Unfortunately, we have little public transportation. Parents are wishing their teens would drive so they don't have to provide taxi service.

So again, teens are leading the way into the 21st Century.

William A. Draves

Great comment Paul. Keep dreaming, because you and other kids will make it happen.

Paul Hillsdon

That's quite interesting. I find it algins very much with my current state of mind, being 17 years old. It's funny; youth can be so smart sometimes, while others are just so... out there.

Anyways, it must be a combination of teenagers' awareness of the environment, of the impact of one person, of the "evil" corporations and industries that rule the world (like auto makers), and better transit and planning these days.

I can only dream of the day where everyone just borrows cars from Zipcar, or the like, only a few times a year when personal transport is necessary. Meanwhile, we use high speed rail to get around from town to town, LRT to get around the city, live with most amenities within walking distance, have affordable zero-waste housing, and green spaces galore. Sounds almost like a pipe dream, but that's the reality we as a society are moving towards.

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