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I have been completely interested in finding out more about left handedness. My son is left handed and my other two children are right handed and me and my husband and all of our family from what we can tell are right handed. The only thing I came up with is the vanishing twin syndrome in which you are pregnant with twins and one is absorbed by the mother. This normally happens before the 12th week. I wouldnt know for sure because my first ultrasound for him was done when I was almost 12 weeks. Its an interesting theory.

Tracy Wazac

I just did a little research on lefties as I have a left handed son and it's definitely not genetic! One of the "causes" I've found is birth trauma (he was a preemie with birth defects). There are also studies that suggest that ultrasounds could be behind the sudden "mass" of lefties. Several of my friends have lefties with no genetic reason, we all find it odd.
My son is not Gen Y- he's only 2, but from what I have read, lefties are on the rise. I'll be interested in Julie's research as well.

Greg McDonald

Thank you for this article. Although I am not a Gen Y, I am left handed, as is my 11-year-old son. I have a creative bent, so does he. I'd love to see more information regarding this phenomenon.

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