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Betty N.:

I don't know if you'll be checking back here, but don't give up trying to find a job closer to home. Life is too short to settle for a job that takes that kind of toll on you!

There have been several times in my career that I thought "Oh I could never do (or afford) to do that." But then I did. 1) I was able to find a part-time job in marketing when my kids were babies (up until then I thought only clerical staff could find part time work). 2) And more recently I got a tele-commuting job (up until now I figured those were only for the few lucky people).

I would start sending out your resumes today. You can always turn down a job, but that dream job of yours may be out there waiting for you. It could be yours for the taking!

Mary Rodriguez

I listen to NPR when I drive to and from work. Then I don't have to read the paper.I enjoy most of the programming. I also listen to audio books when NPR is not available.
I get off the interstate when it is congested and take local roads. This is less stressful. I am in the car at least 1-11/2 hrs. each way. I believe you need to find positive ways to use your time becuase I cannot change it. I have tried!

Betty N.

I drive between 1 1/2 to 3 hours one way to work everyday. I have high blood pressure, and heart problems. I have no doubt that my long commute is a major part of the problem. I know I chose to move far away from work but everyday it gets worse. My attitude stinks, I am constantly frustrated, both at work and at home. I get home and my husband wants to talk and spend time with me, and all I want to do is go to bed, or watch TV, or read. I want no contact with anyone. I pray I can win the Lotto, not a lot, just enough to pay off our credit cards and put some money in the bank. I wouldn't be able to retire, but I could look for a job closer to home that has insurance. I totally agree that long commutes do cause major health and attitude problems. I know it's true in my case.

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