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Scott Gantt

Having just witnessed the failing of a local school bond, I am not convinced that bricks and mortar or building design hold our answers as much as how we incorporate technology into the classroom. Distance learning / video conferencing / smart boards and other advancements will allow students freedom to learn just as much outside a traditional classroom as in one.

Thom Lowther

Many of the older school building are being converted into housing and mixed use residential and commercial buildings as Terry mentioned. Unfortunately, that does not address the future buildings. Maybe using the Phoenix University model, rent smaller commercial spaces and covert them for school common spaces and classrooms. This could work as well as the many of the module "trailers" that we now use in some areas. It would mean a whole new approach for administration.

Terry Newman

Since schools are usually built in the middle of residential areas, they can be converted to housing, mixed use areas, parks. Its the perfect solution.


Whatever happened to the old-fashioned schoolhouses? Those were better. I see a growth in home-schooling because a more home-like environment works best.

Paul Hillsdon

You know, my area is currently facing such a problem. Many districts are seeing a fall in the number of students, and are, as such, having to close down schools, despite the cry of parents. Obviously, it makes sense, that if there aren't enough students to support a school, it should be closed. Some parents have suggested the schools become community or daycare centres.

The problem I see here is that many schools that were built 30-50 years ago were specifically made to be "schools" and they aren't all that easily transformed into something different. Thus, in the future, it would make sense to build more multi-purpose, flexible buildings, that can be adjusted for use if necessary. Maybe also incorporate more community use, or perhaps continuing ed.

Harold Jarche

Start here:

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