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Gemi Powell

I have been finding myself taking the lite rail in Houston instead of driving. the medical center is always under construction, parking is insane and most hospitals have gone to valet which cost $15-$20 each time. If you go from one building to another you have to re-park at each building. The patients many times can't walk.

Guess what $2 fee, you can be dropped off and picked up at the door. The train isn't crowded and it is air-conditioned. Also, the wait is short. It costs more than that in gas to drive around in the traffic.

I also used the train to go to Reliant stadium it is great! Beat the traffic and avoided the $20 charge for parking.

I would not have trouble using the train instead of my car. I just spent $40 for a tank of gas that will last about 1 week.

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