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I've been working from home almost 7 years now, and I love it. I have a separate room in my house which is used solely as an office. I don't have a problem staying focused - I go to my office every day just as I did when I worked in a larger office in town. Lunch breaks now take a few minutes instead of an hour. I can go to work at 6 am & finish earlier in the day so I have time for family, errands, doctor appointments without having to take time off work. My productivity has doubled, as there are very few interruptions. I don't feel isolated at all.

John Oppenheim

I think it depends on the type of job. For instance, salespeople can work from home but most get out on calls so they aren't "bound" to the office.

Pacific Bell tried to get people to telecommute in the mid 90's and had to back off because of the isolation - but these people were mostly office workers.

Jet Blue reservation agents all work from home. It would seem that it might be an individual thing.

I have worked from home for years and wouldn't trade it for anything. I go to my desk as if I am at an office, however.


It takes an exceptional person to work at home and not be distracted! Like in the office there are distractions at home, however they are usually more pleasurable so more tempting. I've worked at home and I've had an office a couple of miles away. Having the office offers direction or focus and you avoid distractions. There are some few that can work at home, go into their home office and only come out for lunch and toilet breaks. They are few. This means that the real rating of work at home has to be the quantity and quality of the work and not the time spend doing it.


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