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Keith Adams

As an older child of parents of the Greatest Generation, I have to disagree with Downs and Draves. They are very much out of touch with today's society. As an educatior and civic leader I agree with the article that todays generation has lost personal touch with much of what has made this country great. Working for a common good to enhance our society has gave way to a self greed of "what have you done for me today" attitude, an attitude of disrespect and lack of dedication. Yes, the GG society is and was responsible for what we are today and for instilling in all of us the knowledge and drive to succeed. I for one am sorrowed and ashamed of what our country is becomming. When I-Pods, cell phones and computers mean more to us than honesty, integrety and personal contact, then in my opinion it's time to move to Alaska and wait for the revolution to happen.

Vickie Richmond Hawkins

This does not describe all of us Boomers. I for one, have a dining room with a large table where I gather friends and family for food and conversation. Making human connections is extremely important to me personally and professionally. The dining room table is often where that happens.

As for their being the greatest generation, they represent my parents and older siblings, so I honor and respect them but also realize they have/had their failings, too. "Greatest Generation" is hyperbole used by people trying to get our attention and reaction.

William A. Draves

As in most things, I agree with you Stephen about GG. I say GG was the "Only Generation," in the sense that they were the only genereation that was both born and died (majority) in the 20th century. So I don't accept Brokaw's GG label either.

Stephen Downes

There's no such thing as the "greatest" generation.

They are the "war" generation.

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