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Cem Erdem

But don't you think computers are getting much better? Remembering how miserable it was to configure your computer just to surf the Internet ten years ago, I say we made big progress.

I think you will enjoy reading this recently published article in the Inc. magazine:


Grumpy: 1 || Irritated: 3

I look at a computer problem as a way to either 1) do other things while it's being fixed or 2) a challege to try and rectify on my own. There's nothing like the feeling of holding onto a $500 part that's smaller than the size of a credit card. Computer problems are like children, without them you wouldn't appreciate all the times that they perform as expect. Although sometimes I too wish the computer would vanish, at least for a few hours.


Indeed. BUT it is a wonderful way to access information and communicate in unconventional ways. I have made friends I wish had as neighbours this way...really! Doing a yahoo search beats the old fashioned way of searching thru a dozen indices at the reference desk. Boy was that tedious.

Terry Newman

Computer problems make me grumpy at about a 6! Since it allows me to be in a Master's degree program online, communicate with numerous friends and family within seconds, order airline tickets without having to pick up the phone, I feel useless without my computer.

What happened to the old days when the weekend was for relaxing? With the computer, now I'm "connected" 24/7. I think that makes me even grumpier!

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