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William A. Draves

Thanks for your question Kassia. In 1907 carriage and buggy sales hit an all time high. Ten years later, essentially gone. I hate to sound like a vice president, but suburbs are in their last gasp. The 6,000 sq ft house is a Boomer thing, definitely not a Gen Y dream. Thanks for the observation and question.

kassia Dellabough

I am in Salt Lake City and struck by the booming growth and sprawl - larger and larger homes being built on the outskirts. Same thing is happening in Oregon. Small-to-no yards, 4000-6000 sg ft is "inside" the media rooms?
how does this fit with the shifts?

Rick Metcalfe

"How people will live in the 21st century" is only a paradigm! Is this not a hammer and nails solution for the Carpenter? People will live everywhere in the same fashion as each finds a solution that suits them. There will always be infinite variations on "where to live in the future", (as it ever was). The huddled masses will always enjoy density until they run out of oil dependant heat and light, with water and food delivered to them. Can't wait until the next truck load of Soylent Green arrives!
I have lived in Metropolis, Suburbia and Oceana and now my paradigm is rural space and solace where the Segway will never tread.
Give me the sun, the wind, and a water well and I will scratch for the last potato in a Gadda Da Vida at Tara. ACT NOW and for 3 easy payments of $99.95 (plus S/H) we will send you 1 Kilo of real earth, 12 seeds, 1 Litre of clean water and container of fresh country air.

Greg Marshall

I will have to send some pictures of our Urban core that is forming. Various size buildings, condos, apartments, downtown, waterfront. A much more humanized version than really tall buildings. A mix is the key I think.


Think the 1926 film, ":Metropolis".


Ugh! What a depressing thought having to live in a monolithic apartment building with hundreds if not thousands of other people. No amount of palm trees could make that appealing to me. Give me land, lots of land and the starry skies above. Don't dense me in.

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