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I think some people are out of touch, however, I think they try to be more in touch. Your example of post-touchdown cell phone calling, is a good example of their efforts. They view their cell phones as an extension of their computer they feel lost without out. Using the phone is a way to get connected again after being isolated on the plane without their usual forms of interaction. I'm guessing most adults don't talk to others they don't now on the plane, because there are just too many weirdos' out there. You never know when something you say is going to set them off.

I personally watch what the gov't would consider too much TV, but I'm watching it, while talking to my companion and using the laptop.

Alone time in the car: Where else can you go that allows you to just remove yourself from all the chaos (non automotive that is)?

Working alone is great. Throw some music on (cannot offend yourself with your own choices :-), grab a Pepsi, eat some liver... It's bliss.

Collaboration: Haven't you ever tried to collaborate and just couldn't get the people you're talking to to get on the "same page"? I don't mind collaboration, but I reserve the right to go out on my own if I cannot tolerate it. I'm very obsessive about certain things and sometimes that's not conducive to collaboration.

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