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Cant his be changed to other available options?


Internet has made the world small, and well communicated. It allows global access to information and people. It can widened the doors of opportunities for students globally

 GCSE coursework

Well Internet has made us crippled today, without it there we would not be able to have information so fast and so conveniently. Good Job!

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Internet has become a necessity now. Network 2 Computers has shared a good piece of information.

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Network 2 Computers :: Share Files, Printers & Internet

Countries like Canada, Sweden, and South Korea have better, faster Internet connections. People in Japan can download an entire movie in just two minutes, but it can take two hours or more in the United States. Yet, people in Japan pay the same as we do in the U. S. for their Internet connection. Not only do they have the technology for higher speeds, but a larger percentage of people in those countries have access to high speed connections. The United States has fallen to 16th place behind other...

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