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Dana Wohlwend

I have four children. Although I don't agree with let boys be boys as an excuse to let any behavior be acceptable, my boys are boys and my girl is all girl. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. I had dolls available for my boys and blocks and trucks available for my girl. They inevitably chose the "gender-appropriate" toy because that is what they wanted to play with. On occasion, they have played with the opposite gender toys but they still gravitate to their gender toys. Children are born to explore and to discover how they fit into the world. Give them every opportunity to play with what they want. You will find out that they won't be damaged because the boy wears a dress or the girls play with legos or trucks.

Terry Newman

As kids, we all try on different roles. In my play, I pretended to be a horse for many years. I certainly didn't become one. Why not let kids experiment while they can. They grow up to quickly as it is.

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