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Okay, I'll chime in. I would have to say that my husband and I have different strengths and weaknesses in the parenting department. Fortunately, we tend to balance each other out. I don't think one style is necessarily better than the other.

When my group of friends started having kids, a lot of our dads (many who are leading edge Boomers) could not believe how involved the husbands were. Many said they barely took time off after their baby's birth, while all the guys in our group took paternity leave for at least four weeks after the moms went back to work. We all thought it was kind of sad for the grandpas.

I think my girls are closer with their dad than I was with mine, because he is there to drive to dance class, potty train, whatever. Granted, I'm the go-to person when you hurt yourself, but he's the go-to person when someone's picking you. I think my husband seems a lot more compentent than my dad or his dad, but that's because he was involved with all aspects of baby care from the very beginning. I have a hunch my dad was watching the hockey game while my mom was changing diapers....

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