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Linda Cawthorn

I don't believe that government agencies (cities, etc.) should pay for this service unless they were able to find donations from internet organizations, much like San Francisco is doing with Google. I do not believe it is the cities obligation to provide internet service to people just as it is not the cities obligation to provide phone service. If people want to be connected they should pay for it or use the library where internet service is provided at no charge.

Dana Conklin

Why should the government provide it, and free? Government is designed to provide basic services for the greater public good. WiFi is a private opportunity in a capitalist state. If you want government to play a role, let's talk about how they can participate in requiring some level of free service to certain demographics, etc as opposed to blanket opportunity in direct competition with free enterprise. Tax dollars (which keep rising) should support basic services for an entire community not pay for perks in direct competition (and cost) with open commerce.

Sandra Gresham

It should be for free, as a Municipal Service. We, in Charleston, SC, have a WiFi blanket over the entire peninsula.

The only problem is people have objected to some of the towers. They did not look real "pretty"!! people here are all about aesthetics.

They put that thing in to help all the poverty-stricken people and all the kids. Part of peninsular Charleston is very wealthy, and parts are very poor and under-served. The only median people are the students, and a very few middle class.

This wiFi network would be a great thing if they could get clearance for the towers for all of this area. And it will be it is now for parts of the city. You can sit in Marion Square Park, on your laptop and enjoy your computer.

We also have many cafes and coffee shops that have their own services. Charleston and surrounds are a touristy area.

Even the natives take a day or two off and be "tourists"'s fun.

Write to the City Officials and to members of City Council, and make your case for the poor people, and the tourists. Open their eyes. Go to Charleston SC website and look up WiFi, and see the history of it and how we did it. It is free like it should be! Good Luck!


Other cities offer basic service (~256-512kbps) for free and higher speed services for a cost. That seems fair to me. And while we don't charge people to relax in city parks or walk on sidewalks, we do lease roads to private corporations and have toll ways on federal interstates, which we've already paid for with tax dollars.

Stephen Downes

Free. After all, you don't charge people to walk on the sidewalks, look in store windows, or relax in the city parks, do you?

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