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Stephen Downes

Best of luck to them.

It's worth keeping in mind that where there is universal health care insurance - in Canada - the public is so great (>85%) that no government, not even right ring governments in Alberta, dares revert to a private system.

In the U.S. myth aftr myth is spread about health care in Canada. Here are the facts:
- we spend much less per capita on health care
- but every Canadian receives health care for free
- the quality of Canadian health care is the same as in the U.S.
- or maybe better - Canada has much lower rates of infant mortality, much longer life expectancy
- Canadians also have a great deal of choice and control - we can choose our doctors, choose our hospitals, have a major say over procedures
- nobody has had to mortgage their house or spend their inheritance for lifesaving procedures; even heart transplants and major surgery is covered by health care

Don't believe what your media says about the Canadian system. Your American insurance companies have been trying to undermine our system for years. But we still support it, still love it, and would never settle for what you have in the U.S.

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