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April Friedman

No- I'm at the tail end of the Baby boomers and the environment isn't the same as it is for those at the front end of the boomer generation. I am starting over again because of "right-sizing" and am not going to have the benefits accrued that will be necessary to support myself through a long retirement. Besides, I love to work and have a purpose! Gen X and Gen Y need to make their own new jobs. I recently read that over 50% of jobs in 2020 will be ones that weren't even thought of in 2005. There will be new skills needed and there will be other job titles available. Although we set goals for the future, we need to retain our "institutional memory" in older employees in order to set and reach meaningful goals. There's room, and a need for everyone.

John Oppenheim

I just started teaching four years ago when I was 61. I have found that the students (college and adult school) I teach appreciate the 40 years I spent in business.

For me, not reporting to a boss or being totally responsible for the well-being of that organization is retirement. For others, it is a golf paradise in Florida. As one of the earlier postings said "retirement is an individual thing".

As the Gen X'ers come on board as adults, there should be plenty of opportunity to shine and take positions of leadership. It's a big world out there and we are all part of it.


If Boomers are unwilling to change to incorporate today's technology & methods into the workplace, yes they should retire early. If however, they learn to embrass the technological changes they can provide an important "balance" in the fast paced workplace of today.

Paula Behm

I love it when the generations behind the boomers say "retire - give us room for opportunity". While the baby boomers who are unemployed say that employers think they are "too old" and hire the younger generation for less moeny. Working, retiring, recareering are all personal choices. My message to all the generations seeking employment, prove your value to prospective employers. Learn the basics of self promotion and then do it. Hire a personal career coach to assist you. All generations can learn from one another and work well together if they try...does that sound like a 60's slogan? Employers need to create work environments to promote a diverse work culture where an exchange of information, collaboration, and respect for diverse age groups is the norm.

Terry Newman

I come from a family with a great deal of longevity and I am supporting myself the rest of my life so I anticipate that I will work for many more years. If I retired, I may free up a job for someone younger, but that person will then have to support me through social security and other government funding. Not a win-win situation for anyone.


No. Retiring at age 62 was created when people lived to, what?, 65? What I do think they should do is strive to do work that is meaningful to them. Plus, with the Nine Shift well underway, none of us will have to be chained to a desk. To me, that seems like the worst part of working now.

Jill Weeks

No, they should not retire...if they don't want to. The concept of retirement is changing, and to many people ('boomers') the idea of having 20 years or so of leisure is not 'on'. They want adventure, experiences and their skills recognised.

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