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I agree with everything Bill & Julie have to say. I'd like to add something, though. I would say Gen X MEN also factor into this. For instance, I believe that Gen X men are retooling what it means to be fathers and partners. I drop off the kids at daycare, he picks up. We alternate each week with who is stuck waiting for our daughter at dance class :) I work part time, he works full time, but he still shares the at-home workload with me. Our Gen X men are drastically different than previous generations. Therefore, if Feminism has become this "women are better than men" philosophy (which I agree it has), and Gen X men and women are sharing both the outside-the-home and inside-the-home work, it would be hard to buy into the philosophy. I think Gen X men and women are equals. Gen X women do know how good they've had it in terms of equal opportunities, but they realize "equal" is the operative word.

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